The Royal Trio

Princesses Ayomi, Ballista, and Zariah (Z to her friends) live in the rich and beautiful land of Steragos, a peninsular kingdom in the continent of Euphalon.  Living in a resplendent old castle with servants at their command and a fortune in their vaults, they are free at any time to live the lives their titles bestow upon them: dazzling whirlwinds of glamorous balls, badminton tournaments, being seen in fabulous fashions at grand soirees.

And they would too, if they didn’t find it all so crushingly boring.  Well, they still like badminton, anyway.

Make no mistake – dancing with handsome princes and wearing the latest gowns from Gollonia have their place, but these three noblewomen don’t spend all their time in pursuit of leisure.  They can’t.  If they could … nope, they still wouldn’t.

Click here for Ballista's page Click here for Ayomi's page Click here for Z's page

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