The Carriage of Justice

CoJ three-quarter length shot.png


The Carriage of Justice (referred to simply as The Justice in-universe) is the crown jewel of the Royal Trio’s massive fleet of vehicles. It’s an eight-wheeled wonder of elegance, lethality, speed, versatility, and precision engineering.

The brainchild of Princess Ayomi Akino Akabe, the CoJ was born out of a need to protect the princesses and their guests, and stand as a symbol of their strength for the downtrodden subjects who may need it. As time passed and dangers mounted, the princesses exploited the vehicle’s highly customizable design to its fullest potential. While appearing to be just a formidable and fancy carriage on the outside, the Justice’s modular interior has served as a command center, state office, political sanctuary, dressing room, triage center, and a ferry for victims displaced by disasters natural and unnatural.

To sit at the controls of the Justice is to steer pure power. The mighty front section houses a one-of-a-kind Akabe Motors Octadic engine that pulls the passenger section along effortlessly. It purrs – but it ain’t no kitten.

The Justice is practically an arsenal on wheels. Housed in the rear section is a weapons closet whose ordinance ranges from animal pacification to heavy machine guns. There are sections of the chassis that can be slid back to allow for the Trio or their guards to fire at attackers. Hidden behind the grille and front fenders is a piston-driven battering ram and pair of mechanical jaws that can render even the toughest barriers into a humorously twisted memories.