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A rich and beautiful realm in the continent of Euphalon.
Normally all is well and at peace, but there are those who wish to conquer the small nation, cause horrific destruction, and  see the population bound in the chains of slavery. Villains such as these often think there is no one who can stand up to them.

They are royally mistaken.

Princess Ayomi. Princess Ballista. Princess Z. The Royal Trio.

They are the rulers of the Kingdom of Steragos. They have dedicated their brilliance, talents, and fortunes to the protection of their nation. In this, their debut adventure, they await the arrival of the handsome Prince Darron to their royal ball, celebrating their country’s 600th birthday. But the fiendish Baba Yaga has her own festivities planned, including snatching away Darron the night of the dance. An explosive battle in the foreboding Mangalus Woods awaits the peril-loving princesses as they struggle to rescue the prince.

This new adventure for young adult readers is packed full of thrilling artwork by illustrator Ewelina Mroczkowska.

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