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Just in time for the holiday season (kind of)!

Greetings everybody!
Have a hankering for adventure? Looking for something for the young reader in your life who favors fairy tales, fantasy, and action? Get ‘em a copy of Legends of Steragos: Damsels of Distress!

This, my first book, features the debut of the Royal Trio, a team of daring, adventurous princesses who defend their beloved country of Steragos from villainous forces wishing to destroy and enslave it.

ITEM! – Just in time for the holiday season (kind of)! If you purchase a copy of LoS: DoD from createspace.com before January 6, 2017, you can use the code below for a 30% discount off the cover price. The code can be used for both the b&w edition of the book, as well as the full color edition, both of which feature beautifully illustrated artwork by the inimitable Avionetca.

Just point your browser to https://www.createspace.com/4119588, then use this code to get 30% the cover price of either edition of Legends of Steragos: Damsels of Distress:



Wednesday Author Interview: Meet Kevin Scott

Awesome! Thanks to Marcia Meara!

Bookin' It


Legends of Steragos by KM Scott 

Today, Bookin’ It welcomes Kevin Scott, a graphic novel author who currently lives and works in Bundang, South Korea. 

Hi, Kevin! So nice to have you here today. You are the first author I’ve interviewed who writes graphic novels. Can you tell us a bit about how you became a writer. When did you decide that’s what you wanted to be, and what steps did you take to prepare for a writing career? 

KS: I loved watching movies and TV when I was a kid, and really enjoyed hearing a good story.  One day, when I was 9, my dad dragged me to see Ghostbusters. I was scared at first.  Horror movies freaked me out, and anything with ‘ghost’ in the title was sure to scare me.  Two hours later, I walked out of the theater a changed kid.  The movie absolutely thrilled…

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Weird Tales, July 1938

As an added inspiration to one and all, I will present a monthly selection of classic pulps, featuring sci-fi, action, and fantasy stories. Each of these posts will be from the public domain, but will be taken down if the proper owners give notice. Please know that these stories come from another era, and may contain some rough language and other content. Please enjoy Weird Tales, Vol. 32 from 1938.



This month’s feature is hosted at archive.org.