Just in time for the holiday season (kind of)!

Greetings everybody!
Have a hankering for adventure? Looking for something for the young reader in your life who favors fairy tales, fantasy, and action? Get ‘em a copy of Legends of Steragos: Damsels of Distress!

This, my first book, features the debut of the Royal Trio, a team of daring, adventurous princesses who defend their beloved country of Steragos from villainous forces wishing to destroy and enslave it.

ITEM! – Just in time for the holiday season (kind of)! If you purchase a copy of LoS: DoD from createspace.com before January 6, 2017, you can use the code below for a 30% discount off the cover price. The code can be used for both the b&w edition of the book, as well as the full color edition, both of which feature beautifully illustrated artwork by the inimitable Avionetca.

Just point your browser to https://www.createspace.com/4119588, then use this code to get 30% the cover price of either edition of Legends of Steragos: Damsels of Distress: